Monday, February 9, 2009

MPs call for ban on pork

Among the funnier of the words reported to be said by MP Adel Al Mawaada in his proposal to ban pork in the GDN this morning would have to be this...
"The first thing Jesus Christ - the saviour of all mankind - would do is break the cross and kill the pig," Mr Al Mawaada told the GDN yesterday.
What is this guy on? First, he acknowledges Jesus Christ is the saviour of all mankind. Yep, can't agree more with this... so if you acknowledge it, why don't you actually read and meditate on what the saviour of the world says and does. Hmmm, might actually conflict a tad with your beliefs, me thinks. But what's this about breaking the cross and killing the pig... what's he actually trying to say... beats me! He must have some warped idea of Jesus... I think he really needs to read a bible, if he can, if he wants to understand the nature and character of Jesus.

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